About us

Light Factor delivers a wide range of lighting solutions, developed with a lot of experience and professional know-how. Our expertise covers interior and exterior design, office spaces, urban and park lighting, residential, retail, hospitality and industrial projects.

Our team of dedicated professionals comes from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds to bring a wealth of experience from architecture, engineering and lighting design. Working closely with architects and designers we add value to their projects.

We use light to transform the visual experience, creating unique identity and bringing new feel to the raw design. Every project counts. Every new task is a new challenge.

Our mission is to deliver the perfect blend of contemporary lighting design matched by flawless cost-effective technology.



We create our concepts based on the functionality, clients needs, specifics of architectural environement and technical details. (Iguzzini, ММ terace)


We further develop the concept into technical lighting solution using proper lighting fixtures with specific beam angles, power, lumen output, color temperature and all necessary installation and operational accessories.

3D visualizations

We use the most advanced software for 3D vizualizations of our lighting solutions. In order to achieve the most realistic rendering we use the actual photometric data of the luminaires involved in the project. Specific beam angles and optics are represented in the 3D model.


The lighting solution is a „living“ organism, all luminaires installed need to be adjusted and fine tuned, the controlling system set properly . This is the final and the most important phase where the concept and design are brought to life.


Mariana Chalakova

CEO & founder

Ivaylo Kotsev

Project manager

Nina Lazarova

Quоtation & Procurement manager

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