New Park and District Lighting Plan by Light Factor for Business Park Sofia


A pioneer in its industry, Business Park Sofia has served as a premier business hub in the capital for over two decades. Recently under new ownership, the office park is undergoing a comprehensive transformation and modernization initiative. The goal is to convert it into a more appealing, functional and safe urban environment for the local community.

In collaboration with Light Factor, a project has been devised for the revitalization of the park and district lighting within Business Park Sofia. The strategic plan revolves around two primary themes: the modernization and replacement of the streetlights in the area, as well as the enhancement of the park illumination.

An in-depth analysis of the current lighting infrastructure at Business Park Sofia revealed outdated technology and subpar lighting conditions. There’s an excess of scattered light along the road arteries and uneven distribution of illumination in the green areas – creating stark contrasts between over lit and excessively dark sections.

Addressing these issues, Light Factor proposed the replacement of old street lighting with Thorn Lighting’s cutting-edge product, Isaro Pro. These luminaires boast a contemporary design, optics for seamless diffusion, adjustable light flow, tiltability, programmable features, and energy-efficient attributes. They also facilitate safe access and simplified electrical testing and maintenance operations.

As for the green zone lighting, a variety of lighting solutions from industry leader iGuzzini are employed. This includes tall poles with spiral-mounted floodlights to precisely illuminate specific areas, in-ground lighting fixtures highlighting tree species and shrubs, and bollards ensuring even illumination within the alleys and walking areas. The tall poles can additionally accommodate Wi-Fi, video surveillance, and other low-current elements, adding value to the entire lighting installation.

The anticipated timeline for the implementation of the new park and area lighting project at Business Park Sofia is set for the first half of 2024.